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Welcome to patternlib! This is a website for exploring pattern made in the TidalCycles language, known as Tidal for short.

Tidal is designed for making music from patterns, described with code. You also see a lot of colour patterns - each one is a visual representation of a pattern, to give an impression of the pattern's structure.

If you click on a pattern on the front page, you should be able to read the code that someone typed into patternlib, hear the sound generated from it, and an see the visual generated from the same code.

You can browse other people's patterns, or log in (currently via either Twitter or GitHub) to add your own patterns. If you want to add your own, you'll need to know some TidalCycles code, you can find an introduction and reference on the Tidalcycles website.

You can create a fresh pattern, or take someone else's pattern as a starting point, just click on one and then click 'make a new pattern from this one.'